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Perhaps the most famous in motorcycling, the iconic image of Rollie Free in his bathing suit flying across the salt at Bonneville tells only a small part of the Rollie Free story. 

From the Prologue to "Flat Out!  The Rollie Free Story" by Jerry Hatfield:

   "It is the most famous picture in motorcycling.  A bare-chested man is stretched out on a speeding big V-twin motorcycle.  He wears a bathing suit.  His naked legs reach back far behind the rear fender, until his sneaker covered feet swirl the last bit of resisting air.  Miles distant, the rugged mountains look down on the brave rider and the black motorcycle streaking over the vast white plain."



Thus begins "Flat Out!  The Rollie Free Story", the fascinating account of the amazing life of Rollie Free, whose image is burned into the minds of all who love motorcycles, history, and who relish individual success and accomplishment. 

In "Flat Out - the Rollie Free Story" Jerry Hatfield tells the story of Rollie's amazing life, much of it in Rollie's own words, from his birth to his final interview, recorded by Jerry just one month before Rollie's death. 




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Each and every copy of "Flat Out!  The Rollie Free Story" purchased through this website will be personally autographed by the author AT NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE according to the buyer's instructions (click the "Order " button above) !  One buyer, whom the author had never met, had his book inscribed, "To my best friend..."


Each and every copy of "Flat Out!  The Rollie Free Story" purchased through this website will be accompanied AT NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE by a collector's CD containing an audio recording of Rollie Free's final interview!  The CD also includes the motor music of two historic motorcycles, including "the Bathing Suit Bike!"

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